Target for recruitment

Japanese language skills are a must for non-Japanese applicants.
No experience or knowledge of the knife industry is required.
However, as a general rule, targets are those up to their thirties.

Suit those for whom more than one of the following applies

*People who enjoy communicating with people.
*People who enjoy communicating with tourists.
*People who are light on their footwork.
*People who are resourceful and flexible in their thinking.
*People who like to learn new things.
*People who are interested in Japanese knife culture.

Description of work

Service to customers
Re-sharpening and repair
Mail handling and shipping
Stock control and ordering

Please read our staff blog for more information.

Conditions of employment

Although the goal is to eventually hire someone as an employee, we plan to start you off as a part-timer to see if it's a good fit for both of us. Therefore, you may start as a side job when you apply.

Recruitment processes

Document screening

Please prepare your CV in A4 size and save it as a PDF file and send it to us using the form below. You will be informed of the screening result by email.

Application Form


Those who pass the screening process will be invited for an interview.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact