"TSUBAYA" brand


When you buy a knife from Tsubaya, you will find that there is no warranty card and no shop information is written anywhere.

A kitchen knife bought from Tsubaya.

It can be proved by only the "brand name" that is engraved or printed on the kitchen knife.
In other words, the "brand name" is like a guarantee certificate of the kitchen knife.

If you take good care of your knives, you can use them for 10 years at least for household use.
It is quite difficult to keep a paper certificate for such a long time, but if it is an engraved name on the knife, you can keep it as long as the knife exists.

For example, even if a knife is given to someone else, the new owner will be able to reach out to us by the name of our brand name on it, and we will be able to take good care of it afterwards.
The engraved/printed brand name means that we are determined to take care of the knives with responsibility even after many years.

Most of our knives are handmade. As long as they are made by human hands, it is difficult to completely eliminate defective products even if the skill of the craftsman is excellent.
Of course, such defective knives are removed before they are sold, but if there is a problem inside the knife (metal), it is not immediately obvious.
In that case, there is a possibility that the problem will appear in the sharpness only after you actually use and sharpen the knife for many years.

In such a case, the name of the shop(brand) can help the owner to contact us to request maintenance or repair even after a long period of time, such as 10 years.